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Modern Beirut was once called Berytus by the Phoenicians. Centrally located on the eastern Mediterranean coast at the foot of the Lebanon Mountains, it became an important center of ancient Mediterranean trade. Through the centuries, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Crusaders and Ottoman Turks ... [more]

Tannourine lies in a splendidly beautiful area near the mountain of the same name. The area is rocky and mountainous with sharp slopes and a deep valley (Ain El Raha).

The village also shares its name with a cedar forest of some 60,000 trees. The most abundant and sacred trees are the Cedars and this area is distinctive as native land for Cedrus Libani.  These cedars can be seen along the road that goes north ...[more]


Our Selection today:


The hotel industry in Lebanon has in recent years witnessed remarkable growth, and more are being built to this day.
The hotels range in type and one is never at a loss for a good choice.

Furnished apartments Furnished Apartments
and other types of residences, including villas, chalets, hostels and camping sites are also available.


Eco-Tourism in Lebanon has gained widespread appeal in the last few years from both government and NGOs. As a result, several natural locations across the nation were declared protected areas.

Read the The Ecotourist Code of Conduct
Discover some of the outdoor activities


Lebanon enters written history with the Canaanites in the third millennium BC, but archeology demonstrates that it had a history stretching back far beyond that. 

See Anjar, Baalbeck, Byblos and Tyre - World Heritage Sites


With its mountains, sea, natural beauty, all kinds of sports and entertainment, Lebanon is truly the most diverse and unique country that offers spectacular resorts for all seasons.

Enjoy Lebanon's summer resorts and
Experience the country's ski stations.



NightlifeLebanon's nightlife is vibrant with much of it focused in or around Beirut - party capital of the Middle East. There are all types of bars and pubs to meet every taste.



RestaurantsRestaurants in Lebanon indeed reflect the country's character - offering prime service and both international and local cuisine.


Car Rental

Car RentalBoth international and local car rental agencies in Lebanon provide quality cars at reasonable prices all year round.


Conference Setup

Conference SetupMost hotels in Lebanon have well equipped conference rooms of international standards which can host conferences of all specifications.



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- Base currency is LBP

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