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Furnished Apartments in Lebanon are scattered in an area extending from the Awali River in the South to the Madfoun River in the North to encompass the high peaks of the Shouf and Kesrwane cazas.

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Lebanon has a good hotel capacity, with a number of outstanding luxury establishments now operating and many more under construction. In Beirut, first class hotels and small, well-run hostelries are conveniently located in business areas, while some of the older large hotels have refurbished their premises. New hotels have sprung up in the mountains! while traditional hotels, usually in the second and third class category, are numerous. Generally open in the summer season, these are comfortable but basic establishments perfectly adequate for short stays. Mountain resorts also boast some grand hotels, which are, open year-round. Furnished apartments, with self-service facilities, are found throughout Greater Beirut and in other population centers.

Please take your time browsing through the accommodation options we have here for you There really is something to suit every taste and need. If you are the kind of person who really likes a nice bedroom so they can read in bed or play a few games of poker online, there are plenty of places for this. Others may want accommodation with a great size kitchen, as eating delicious food is what makes a holiday for them. Whatever you are looking for we hope you find it here and we look forward to your visit.


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