Customs Requirements:

All aircraft are subject to Customs Law and Regulations, and all passengers are subject to the usual Customs Formalities. Baggage or articles belonging to passengers and crews are immediately released except for those selected by the Customs Authorities for inspection. It is strictly forbidden to carry any kind of material made by or originating from Israel.

Import Regulations:

All ordinary personal effects are exempt from customs duty. Tourists are allowed two bottles of alcoholic beverage for personal use and 500 grams of tobacco (400 cigarettes or 20 cigars).

Residents may import free of customs charges:

200 Cigarettes or 200 grams of Tobacco or 25 Cigars

1 liter of Alcoholic Beverage

60 grams of Perfume or 1/2 liter of Eau de Cologne

Personal souvenirs or gifts within a reasonable amount.

Crewmen and seamen (Resident or Non-Residents) are allowed the following, free of customs charges:
20 Cigarettes only in an open package, (No other Tobacco Articles or Alcoholic beverage are allowed).

Currency Requirements:


Allowed with no restrictions are traveler-checks and foreign currency

Import of personal gold or precious stones is exempted from customs duties, and cleared on the basis of the passengers’ verbal declaration

Arms and Ammunition: An import license for arms and ammunition must, under all circumstances, is obtained from the Lebanese Ministries of Defense and Interior at Beirut prior to arrival


Allowed with no restrictions are local currency (Lebanese Pound LBP) and unlimited amounts of any foreign currencies, with the exception of gold coins. However, if a quantity of gold coins is declared on arrival, the same quantity may be exported.

Export of Antiquities: prohibited without an export license.

Maximum Value of Goods:

The maximum value of goods permitted for entry without restriction is:

US $ 125- for Lebanese Nationals and foreigners who are residents of Lebanon;

US $ 300- for tourists and non-residents including citizens of the Arab League;

US $ 600- for tourists and immigrants of Lebanese descent.