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The word "Beqaa" is synonymous with the term "Beqaa Valley" due to the eye-capturing plain that occupies the region's central terrain.  Surrounding the fertile plain are the beautifully barren Anti-Lebanon mountains to the East and Mount Lebanon to the West.  The Beqaa region offers tourists diverse natural locations - from arid to luscious green - rendering it suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities. Exploring the Beqaa's historical sites is an added incentive not to be missed.

Beqaa Map

view of Furzol (Beqaa)

In Furzol, you can see the scant remains of a Roman temple just off the central roundabout. Beyond the upper end of the town is the Wadi el Habis (Valley of the Hermit) with tombs and rock-cut sanctuaries from Roman and Byzantine times. A fascinating place to explore, hikers can also venture up the rocks above the site.

Rafting in the Assi

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