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Nahr Ibrahim river

30km ahead of Tabarja, you'll meet with a historical bridge built by the Arabs. The stream that runs below it springs straight down from the mountain and flows in "Nahr-lbrahim" (the river of love and faithfulness).

The valley of the Ibrahim River, the ancient Adonis, is famed for both its historical and religious significance. A wild and beautiful area, in pagan times a pilgrimage road ran along its north side to Afqa, scene of the tragic love story of Venus (Astarte) and Adonis.

An Ottoman bridge built in 1806 can be seen on the left of the road, shortly after you turn off from the main highway. Upstream are a number of riverside cafés that make a pleasant and cooling stop in summer. Further on, where the valley forks, the east structures of a Roman Aqueduct are visible. Some of the retaining walls of the aqueduct can be seen on the opposite cliff, while the General Directorate of Antiquities has repaired the single remaining arch. Continuing along the same road, you come to Mashnaqa, the Roman temple of Yanuh, Aqoura and Afqa.

In mythological terms, Nahr-Ibrahim is known as the river of the god Adonis, (the god of fertility). Adonis was said to be gravely injured as a result of his falling prey to a wild hog and when his beloved, the goddess Astrate, ran to save his life, his blood mixed with the waters of the river and brought about his fatal death.

Broken-Hearted, Astrate fell down to her knees by the riverside where she died imprinting, thus, her love story with Adonis forever on the sand. As such "Nahr-Ibrahim" gained a third appellation, the River of Immortal Love.


Getting There ...
Nahr Ibrahim valley
is reached via Machnaqa or Qartaba. (
See Mount Lebanon Map)




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