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Tannourine Nature Reserve - North Lebanon
(1400m - 92km from Beirut)


lies in a splendidly beautiful area near the mountain of the same name. The area is rocky and mountainous with sharp slopes and a deep valley (Ain El Raha).

The village also shares its name with a cedar forest of some 60,000 trees. The most abundant and sacred trees are the Cedars and this area is distinctive as native land for Cedrus Libani.  These cedars can be seen along the road that goes north to
Hadath al-Jebbe, which, although in poor condition, winds its way through wild and isolated scenery up to the Qadisha gorge.

Other companion trees like Cupressus, Pinus, Abies, Populus and other constitute a very rich ecosystem in plantr species.  The fauna described as being present in this type of unique ecosystem renage from the various types of birds (eagles, owls, robins, etc...) to wild animals (hyenas, boars, squirrels, snakes and bats).

Balaa - TannourineThe Village of Balaa in the Tannourine area is known for its large sink hole. A 300 meter walk brings you to a dizzying open cavern some 250 meters deep. Three natural bridges - the middle one is the most spectacular - complete the scene.

And if you visit in spring you'll also discover an impressive waterfall some 90 meters high. Besides the sink hole, which will occupy a good deal of time, the surrounding hills invite exploration.


Nahr al JozeIn and around Tannourine village are numerous scattered remnants from pre-Roman, Roman and Byzantine times. The Crusader Church of Mar Chalita is further evidence of its long history and even today the saint is honored in an annual feast on August 20.
Along the pretty river (Nahr al Joze), which runs through the wooded Valley of Tannourine are many attractive restaurants offering Lebanese food. More good restaurants in natural settings are found round


Getting There ...
From the northern coastal highway at Batroun, head east towards Abrine, Sourat, Da'el.  Just before you reach Deir Billa turn right and continue towards Kfar Hilda and then Tannourine. (See North Map)




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