Lebanon’s rugged environment and natural beauty create breathtaking and unlimited hiking trails. These trails often pass through luscious greenery, brooks, and historical sites, making any hike an enjoyable cultural expedition. Trails are ranked according to difficulty – Level 1 to 3 are usually easy trails set at a slow pace with few hills; Levels 4 to 6 are intermediate in pace and fitness requirements; Levels 7 to 9 are for more experienced hikers who want a fast-paced, challenging trail up steep gradients.

Several groups and companies offer guided hikes – some exclusively, others along with several other activities. Some non-profit organizations offer walks that focus more on enjoying the countryside and the company than on the Sport. Companies specialized in outdoor activities offer hiking trips in addition to a host of other activities that include camping, canyoning, caving, diving, mountain biking, rafting, sailing and more.

Below are some of the hiking locations Ikama recommends. There are many more which we will be adding gradually.

Shouf Reserve

The Shouf Reserve is a unique landscape covered with cedar, oak and pine forests. The protected area is located at the southernmost limit of the Cedar of Lebanon on the globe, and claims the highest self-regenerating stand of cedars in the Lebanon. It is exceptionally rich in its biological diversity and is known to be the last remaining sanctuary to shelter an extensive range of wildlife species in the country.


Ramlieh, above Aley, is a space full of Nature’s colorful bliss, graced with fresh air that flows through valleys coated with pine trees, sheltered by a chain of mountains. A walk through the wilderness is an enchanting experience where the sent of lavender and wild flowers adds enjoyment to the hike.

Ehden Reserve

Ehden Reserve is situated on the upper northwestern slopes of mount lebanon, ranging in altitude from 1200m to 2000m. The temperature ranges between -2C in winter and 25C in summer.

The Reserve is home to more than 500 species of flowering plants, of which 57 are endemic to Lebanon or only to this forest. This fact makes it the only natural site with such a variety of plants like Diantus Karami, and Astragalus Ehdenensis.

Many trails of various levels are possible to hike in the reserve. Hikers can take the footpath which leads them to the upper reaches of the reserve where they can admire the breathtaking scenery and spectacular views.

Nahr Ibrahim

The Nahr Ibrahim valley offers a varied landscape and is considered one of the most enchanting for hiking. The impression is almost surrealistic as one makes his way down the valley toward the river bank.

Perhaps the Namroud hill and Wadi Jabal Musa are the most attractive spots which are covered by oak forests. The forests extend to the valley below and reveal a rich biodiversity boasting well over 35 kinds of trees and flora.