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Lebanon, the motherland of the Phoenicians, is at the crossroad of three major continents; Europe, Africa and Asia.  It is located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.


Bacchus Temple in BaalbeckLebanon has witnessed the succession of various civilizations that have left their mark on it, making of it a major archeological treasure for the world. Indeed, many places have been classified as world heritage sites.

Lebanon, with a total area of 10452 km˛, is situated east of the Mediterranean sea and stretches about 240 km along the coast and 50 km inland.


Lebanon can be divided from west to east into four parallel spaces:

  1. The narrow coastal plain which widens at the northern extreme of the country

  2. The mount Lebanon range running parallel to the sea and overlooking the coastal plain, the highest crest of which is over 3000 meters

  3. The elongated Beqaa plain at an average altitude of 900m, once named “the silos of Rome”, separating the two mountain chains

  4. The Anti Lebanon range, with an average altitude of 2300m, on the eastern side

These differences make the drive through Lebanon exciting as it reveals a variety of breathtaking countryside.


The climate of Lebanon is typically Mediterranean, enriched by four distinct seasons, each with its own particularity and charm. However, the sun is present all year round making of Lebanon the country where you can swim in the sea and yet ski an hour later on its snow covered mountains.

Lebanon's population is around 4 millions mainly concentrated on the coastal cities. 

The Lebanese are known for their kindness. Their sense of hospitality makes visitors feel both welcome and at ease. Lebanese people are well educated. Although Arabic is the official language, English and French are widely spoken.





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