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Beirut International Airport

Beirut Int'l Airport, which has been enlarged and completely remodeled, is the home base for the national carrier, Middle East Airlines.

The airport also receives flights from more than 31 international European and Asian airlines. The BIA will have an annual capacity of six million passengers by the start of the 21st century.

Beirut Port

Beirut's Port, the largest in the eastern Mediterranean, is equipped to handle tens of freight and passenger vessels. Further updating of its busy facilities will be made as part of Lebanon's general reconstruction plan.


Most travelers arrive at Beirut airport but one can also approach Lebanon by ferry from Cyprus or by road from Damascus.

Once in Lebanon, a good road system allows the visitor to see for himself almost all parts of this compact yet extremely varied country.

Automobile rental companies provide self-driven cars or cars with a driver.

Lebanese taxis are comfortable and reasonably priced; however to avoid misunderstandings, it is best to agree on the price before setting off.  

Even cheaper is the "service-taxi" which allows one to share the cost of a trip with other passengers.  Fares for short hops are only at LL 1000, while long trips to other regions range from LL 5000 to LL 15,000 depending on the distance.  Make sure you always hail the "service-taxi" with a red-plate number.
Bus service is also available to certain destinations.


International calls can be made from domestic telephones via Lebanon's own earth satellite station. Private international lines and cellular phone service are widely used. Telex and FAX services are available as well.

To dial into Lebanon, the access code is 961.  The area code when dialing a mobile is 3 when dialing from outside Lebanon and 03 when dialing from within the Lebanese territory.  This rule also applies to other regional codes which are: North (06), Jounieh and its surrounding areas including Byblos (09), South (07), Mount Lebanon (04), South Mount Lebanon (05), Beqaa (08).



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