Paragliding in Lebanon has become a popular sport thanks to the plenty of high-altitude mountains aided by perfect weather wind conditions that rank Lebanon as one of the best glide ports in the Middle East. The Cedars remains Lebanon’s top paragliding location, especially for those seeking their first thrill of flying.

Other paragliding locations include Lassa which is accessible by a 4 wheel drive, Harissa which offers a panoramic view of Jounieh, Miziara that is a medium altitude site, Barouk which is an experience of a lifetime, and Faraya, a winter site.

Several legally recognized paragliding clubs offer training and/or paragliding facilities in solo or biplace (where one paraglides accompanied by the instructor).


The Cedar site is a high-altitude mountain site located in Lebanon’s highest range in North Lebanon. The site can be reached by car from Deir el Ahmar in the Beqaa, or from Chekka south of Tripoli.

Flying is achieved in one of two directions: west towards the sea coast or east towards the Bekaa valley. It is an ideal setting for making the first flights with three possible flying altitudes at 375, 650 or 850 m above landing levels.


The Lassa paragliding site is only accessible by 4 wheel drive via Faraya ski resort, or or by foot starting at the Lassa village (2-hour hike)

This site offers a series of high mountains with soaring flights towards the northwest, making it one of the most dynamic flights in Lebanon. Flying is best achieved on days with northern winds.


Accessible by car, the Miziara site is situated in North Lebanon, and is not far from Zgharta village.

This site is intended for winter flights. It is a medium-altitude site over olive tree grounds.


The Harissa location is accessible by car and occupies a majestic location over the city and bay of Jounieh in Mount Lebanon, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The take-off site is near the church of the Our Lady of Harissa, and landing, though difficult in north winds, is achieved directly below in Maameltain.


The Barouk site is accessible by car via the village of Barouk or by way of Deir el Qamar in the Shouf region.

Flying over the Shouf Cedars Nature Reserve is an experience of a lifetime. The flight offers a splendid view of the Bekaa and Mount Hermon. Landing is in the village below at Maaser el Shouf.


The Faraya location is a winter site. It can be reached through Mayrouba.

Flying can be achieved at a 900m elevation. Landing is close-by, in Qanat Bakiche