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Rayfoun - Mount LebanonKnown for its moderate Mediterranean climate, Lebanon is the country where you can swim in the sea and yet ski an hour later on its snow covered mountains.

In Summer, the Lebanese and tourists head either to the coast or the mountains for vacation.  Numerous resorts, beaches and swimming clubs are scattered along the coast and have aquatic amusement and sports available, including water skiing, surfing, and scuba diving.  

For those who prefer the mountain resorts, Lebanon will not disappoint them. Visitors can appreciate mountain fresh air away from coastal humidity. Many towns and villages hold local festivals and activities that relive past traditions.

Lebanon winter resortsIn winter, Lebanon's mountains are covered with snow and the temperatures remain well below 0 degrees centigrade. The Ski season begins in December and often continues until April, attracting ski fans from across the region and Europe.

Given Lebanon's exceptional geographic location and topography, it is one of the few ski centers in the Middle East.  For this reason, well equipped ski resorts have been established in several areas with particular attention paid to accessibility to a variety of slopes.

In addition, you will find resorts that have hotels, Chalets and other facilities including good ski lifts.





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