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Lebanon is one of the few winter sports centers in the middle east where you can enjoy skiing. What makes this sport popular and exiting is that the season begins in December and continues until April, and also the variety and accessibility of the slopes. You'll find resorts that have hotels, chalets and other facilities, including good ski lifts.

IKAMA has listed for you Lebanon's key ski stations located in two regions; North and Mount Lebanon.  For more details on each of these ski resorts, select the region using the dropdown list to the left.  To acquaint yourself with the regions before taking the tour, preview the map below.


Lebanon Map


When to go skiing is almost as important a factor to consider as where to go, but so are companions, accommodation and travel arrangements, snow and sunshine.

There are six well equipped ski resorts:
The cedars (2,300m) in North Lebanon, Ouyoun Es-Siman Kfardebian (1,890m), Laqlouq (1,740m), Faqra (1,750m), Qanat Bakiche (1,990m) and Zaarour (1,990m) in Mount Lebanon.

Cross-county skiing and snowshoeing are less popular but can also be done at the higher altitudes.  Equipment can be rented at the resorts.

Click here for helpful information on Skiing Safety.

Click here for helpful information on how to protect yourself from the sun.




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