South Lebanon Ecotourism

For years, South Lebanon was the scene of tragic events until 24 May 2000 when Israel withdrew from it. The Lebanese are just beginning to discover the region’s natural resources, and efforts are underway to highlight touristic areas. Mostly hilly, one can enjoy the region’s changing topography and serene natural beauty. Further to the East, Mount Hermon comes into view and is accessible to adventure seekers.

Bkassine Forest

Located at an average altitude of 950m, Bkassine is a charming peaceful village gifted by nature with a large and exquisite pine forest, covering an area of 1 million square meter, making it the largest pine forest in Lebanon. It is also the last pine forest to the south of Turkey.

The Bkassine municipality has assumed responsibility for the protection and maintenance of the forest.

Getting There …
The quickest way to get to Bkassine is to drive southbound from Beirut to Sidon. From there head east towards Jezzine. You will pass through the town of Roum before you reach the Bkassine village.

Litani River

The Litani is a major Lebanese river meanders through steep hilly terrain for a 20-30km stretch. It is nourished by some local karstic springs creating fairly wide stretches of environment suitable for a variety of flora and fauna combining the mountain forests and fresh water eco-systems.

The area has its exclusive scenic nature with at the upstream end the crusader castle of Chqif Arnoun overlooking some 120m above, and at the downstream end a wide stretch of green plains.

Tyre Beach

The beach is located south of Tyre and owes its uniqueness to the presence of artesian springs with high flows, tapped since ancient times (there are also submarine springs).

The availability of abundant fresh water on the immediate back beach creates a varied rich habitat that is ideal for the existence of numerous interesting ecosystems. The observation has been made that the beaches of Tyre appear suitable for the breeding of Mediterranean Sea turtles.

Getting There …
From Beirut take the southern highway leading to Sidon. Continue further south for about 45km before you reach Tyre.