Travel Tips

The following tips are important to assure your trip be as smooth, easy and stress-free as possible.

Remember, packing Lightly enables you to travel lightly. A general rule to follow is to pack half of what you think you will need.

Always remember to put your name, company address and telephone number inside and outside each piece of luggage.

Always pack your own luggage, and never take a package from a stranger or business associate without knowing the exact contents of the package.

Precautionary Tips
While at the airport, be sure to keep your luggage locked. Never Leave your bags unattended or out of your sight.

When purchasing duty free goods remember that some countries will not allow you to import alcohol. Check regulations for importing goods before departing.

Exchange a small amount of currency to currency of destination.

Public Health Requirements:
The international sanitary regulations (No.2, WHO) in accordance with the regulations laid down in ICAO Annex 9 (Chapter 8) or (Chapter 2, Section G) are applied in Lebanon.


Have your photos developed locally, it’s cheaper than other countries.

Whenever you’re in the sun, keep applying sun block cream, especially if your skin is very sensitive.

Don’t drive if you can have someone driving for you. You’ll end up with a nervous breakdown.

Don’t buy from a shop that does not stick price tags on its merchandise.

Bargain for the fare before you get in a taxi.