Write For Us

If you would like to write a guest post for us, we welcome your initiative! We are interested in receiving unique high quality articles to our website Ikema Lebanon, which means stay in Lebanon. We are all about Lebanon, so if your topic is connected to this country, that’s the best. However, you will have to keep all of our quality guidelines for guest posting as listed below:


  • We are only interested in unique articles, we will check the uniqueness of your article with a software to make sure it passes this guideline. This also means that your article shouldn’t be published elsewhere anywhere on the internet.
  • Your guest post shouldn’t contain any grammatical errors, should read well and easily, and must not be a spun article.
  • The number of words should be at least 600, below that we won’t accept your guest post. If you don’t have ideas about what to write about, just make some more research and you will surely come up with something interesting or noteworthy.
  • We only accept English guest posts, but your website which we will link to can be in any language.
  • We will link to your website only once, but we will check the spamminess of your site beforehand.

If you think your article fits these guidelines, send us an email and attach two jpg or png photos that are relevant to it. Our email is info (at) ikamalebanon (dot) com, and the email subject line should be Guest Posting Inquiry.